Las Vegas Test Team (LVTT)

Jimmy Graham K5GRA

[email protected] | 702-906-9300 |

DynTek Las Vegas
7140 Dean Martin Drive Suite 1100
Las Vegas, NV 89118
Pre-registration Preferred
Walk-ins Accepted
Pre Registration: -------- Due to Covid-19. We are adding requirements for all test takers. Please see below. 1. Bring and wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose.-------- 2. Bring your own hand sanitizer. -------- 3. Bring your own writting tools.-------- 4. Bring your own calculator.-------- 5. Please stay in your car once you have checked in and we have people testing. Once a slot opens we will text you or go to your car to let you know you are next.-------- We will provide at least 6 foot of distancing while you take your test. Please know that there may be times when we will have to hand your papers to sign and test booklets. We will ensure that these booklets and your seating areas will be santized before use.----------- Please note if you do not show up to this session with the required Personal Protective Equipment you will be asked to take the test at another time.-------- Thank you, Jimmy Graham
February 05 20228:00amlast test given at 11:30
March 05 20228:00amlast test given at 11:30
April 02 20228:00amlast test given at 11:30