White Mountain VE Team (WM-VET)

Vince Cattolica KA7JOI

[email protected] | 520-591-4576

Taylor Fire Department
411 Paper Mill Road
Taylor, AZ 85939
Pre-registration Preferred
Walk-ins Accepted
Email us at: [email protected] to pre-register. Please include your name (the name used to create your FRN if you have an FRN), license call if you have one, and which license exam you wish to take. An acknowledgement will be emailed back to you. If you are part of a class or study group and your group can’t make our scheduled test sessions, contact us with your request at the email address above, and we will do our best to accommodate your group/class. At the testing session the following will be required: 1)Government issued photo ID, 2)your FCC Registration Number/“FRN” (*) if you have one “or” your SSAN (**), 3)the original and a copy of any passed exam element credit (CSCE), and 4) a copy of current license if upgrading. The test session begins at 9 am. (*) You can use this link to read how to apply for an FRN. https://youtu.be/7a4doKEPN5M. (**) If you have an FRN, using your SSAN will assign a “second” FRN and that will causes problems with the FCC.
August 01 20209:00am
October 03 20209:00am
December 05 20209:00am