Montana Tech Amateur Radio Club (MTARC)

Alan Christensen KE7AZB |

Montana Tech SUB (Kelly/Steward Room)
1300 W. Park St.
Butte, MT 59701
Pre-registration Preferred
Walk-ins Accepted
We request that you pre-register by emailing the team leader All we need is an email letting us know you're interested in testing with us. You will need to bring your government issued photo ID and if you have one your previous license or CSCE. It is highly recommended that you obtain a FCC Registration Number (FRN) if you don't already have one prior to testing. If you've had any type of FCC license in the past, use that for your number. Otherwise, you can get a new FRN instantly by registering with the FCC here: There are no fees for this exam session and no money will be collected for any reason. This session is coordinated through the Laurel VEC which does not charge fees for any of its services. This is unlike most exam sessions which are coordinated though ARRL or W5YI and charge a fee to sit for the exams.
April 07 20187:00pm