Lompoc Amateur Radio Club (LmpARC)

Tim Woolever KJ6OIL

kj6oil.tim@gmail.com | 805-757-7113 | https://qrz.com/db/kj6oil

Village Coffee Stop Cafe
Suite J, 3734 Constellation Rd
Lompoc, CA 93436
Pre-registration Required
1) The Cafe is on the north/east side of the complex 2) Lompoc ARC regular monthly club meeting/breakfast. 3) Talk in on 147.120 +131.8 repeater
July 15 20178:30am
August 19 20178:30am
September 16 20178:30am
October 21 20178:30am
November 18 20178:30am
December 16 20178:30am
January 20 20188:30am
SatelliteARC W6AB - Boy Scout JOTA
Bishop Road
VandenbergAFB, CA 00000
Pre-registration Required
1) Testing will be for any Boy Scout-Scouts 2) Testing will be for any Boy Scout-Adult Leaders with current Youth Protection Training Certificate that is no older than 1 year as per Western Region BSA (printed copy must be presented) 3) Two deep leadership and buddy system will be strictly enforced 4) Turn east down Bishop Rd., drive past VTS (Vandenberg Tracking Station), drive additional 3/4 mile on single lane road to Station W6AB 5) This is a military reservation but gate access is not required. 6) Talk in on 147.12 +131.8 repeater or simplex 146.520
October 21 20172:00pm
October 20 20182:00pm
October 19 20192:00pm