Amateur Radio Communication Service VE Team (ARCS)

Cords Gray WL3T

[email protected] | 907-388-9204

IDEA Home School
2157 Van Horn Road
Fairbanks, AK 99701
Pre-registration Required
Walk-ins Accepted
Please contact the VE Team at [email protected] to preregister for the test session or if you have any questions. There is no charge for the exam or parking. The test session will begin at 10AM so please ensure you are there 15 minutes early. Late arrivals will be turned away. Preregistration is required if upgrading to Amateur Extra. All applicants must bring a government issued photo ID and youths too young to have government photo ID, bring a non-government issued photo ID, library card, report card, etc.). All applicants must have a FCC number (FRN) prior to the test. If you need a FRN, go to and select “REGISTER”. If you are upgrading or renewing your amateur radio license, ensure all date in CORES is accurate and bring a copy of your OFFICIAL license (not a REFERENCE COPY). If an applicant requires only an administrative action, contact the VE Team for requirements
July 29 202310:00am