Amateur Radio Communication Service VE Team (ARCS)

Cords Gray WL3T

[email protected] | 907-388-9204

IDEA Home School
2157 Van Horn Road
Fairbanks, AK 99701
Pre-registration Required
December 16 202310:00amContact me at [email protected] to preregister (required) for the test session with an email stating: you read the instructions, you have, or will obtain a FRN, you have ID, what test(s) you will be taking, and if applicable, you will bring an "official" copy of your license. All applicants must bring a government issued photo ID and those too young should bring a non-government issued ID (library card, report card, etc.). All applicants must have a FCC number (FRN) to take the test. There is no charge for the exam or parking. The test session will begin promptly at 10AM so arrive by 9:45. Late arrivals will be turned away. If you need a FRN, go to and select “REGISTER”. To upgrade or renew an expired license, ensure all date in CORES is accurate, bring an “OFFICIAL” copy of your license (not a REFERENCE copy). For simple administrative action, contact me.