Did You Know?

Below is a collection of articles written by Bob Rose AA3RR covering interesting facts about amateur radio. Be sure to check back often as new articles are added by Bob regularly.
DYK - History of the Felony Question.pdf
DYK - Response Files.pdf
DYK - New and Upgraded Licenses.pdf
DYK - Applying for an FRN at an Exam Session.pdf
DYK -- CORES Changes Overview.pdf
Personally Identifiable Information.pdf
DYK - ULS & FRN.pdf
DYK - Period of Reconsideration.pdf
DYK - Application Purpose Codes.pdf
DYK - Application Flow.pdf
Article - What About That Felony Question.pdf
DYK - Analysis of Amateur Radio Applications - Part 2.pdf
DYK - Felony Question - First 13 weeks.pdf
DYK - Place Your Order.pdf
DYK -FCC Organization.pdf
DYK - SM and the Felony Question.pdf
DYK - Quality Is Not Negotiable.pdf
DYK - Workflows.pdf
DYK - Error Codes and Errors.pdf
DYK - File Number vs FRN.pdf
DYK - Applications Then and Now.pdf
DYK - Do you know what makes an exam session successful.pdf
DYK - How to make on-line changes to your license.pdf
DYK - How the FCC Came to be.pdf
DYK - Federal Radio Commission.pdf
DYK - 1923 Application to be a Radio Inspector.pdf
DYK - Earliest Licensing Circa 1912.pdf
DYK - Regulations Governing Radio Operators Circa 1914.pdf
DYK - The Early Rules from the 1912 Radio Act.pdf
DYK - Growth of Amateur Radio Licenses.pdf
DYK - What's in a Part Name.pdf
DYK - Name Suffixes.pdf
DYK - Felony Applications.pdf
DYK - Mailing Session Paperwork.pdf
DYK - Regional Coordinators.pdf
DYK - Call Signs circa 1913.pdf
DYK - Amateur Radio License circa 1913.pdf
DYK - Silent Key.pdf