Becoming an accredited Volunteer Examiner (VE) with the Laurel VEC

  1. Qualifications to be a VE according to §97.509(b):   
    • Be accredited by the coordinating VEC;
    • Be at least 18 years of age;
    • Be a person who holds an amateur operator license of the class specified below: 
    • Amateur Extra, Advanced or General Class in order to administer a Technician Class operator license examination;
    • Amateur Extra or Advanced Class in order to administer a General Class operator license examination; 
    • Amateur Extra Class in order to administer an Amateur Extra Class operator license examination. 
    • Not be a person whose grant of an amateur station license or amateur operator license has ever been revoked or suspended.


  1. If you meet the basic qualifications above to be a VE, becoming an accredited VE with the Laurel VEC is fairly easy.  
    • Step 1 - Find a team located near you.  
      • Because we do not accredit potential VEs just because they ask that we do so, you will need to find a team or teams, near you with whom you wish to be associated and with whom you will participate in their exam sessions. 
    • Step 2 - Contact the team leader of a team near you and ask him or her if they need another VE. 
      • It’s entirely up to them whether they need more VEs.
      • The team leader will let you know if they can use your services. 
      • If the team leader decides to add you to their team, they may ask for some contact information (e.g., e-mail address and/or phone number).
    • Step 3 - If the team leader decides to accept your services, they will formally nominate you to be accredited as a VE with the Laurel VEC.  
      • Upon being accredited, your team leader will receive your certificate of VE accreditation signed by the Chairman of the Laurel VEC and present the certificate to you. 
    • Step 4 - Once you become a member of a team, the team leader will provide training, and invite you to participate in exam sessions as required.